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Eddie Howe:Man Utd and the oddest of timings

Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe would be the perfect fit for Manchester United … if he were not English “

Is an absolutely strange starter when the cherries try to recover from four consecutive defeats. But if there is something the Daily Mail does well, they are absolutely strange headlines that suggest prejudice against white English men.

“In this one of all the highest performing seasons, Jeff Mostyn knows he’s getting lucky.” As Bournemouth’s president in any other era of English football, he would already be looking for a new coach. Eddie Howe would have already left, tempted by one more club big “.

“In this of all seasons to achieve”?
 Was this written several weeks ago, was it found in a lost file and was it published anyway? Bournemouth is now ninth, short of Leicester, and ten full points behind the Champions League places. It’s a good season, but Bournemouth is doing slightly better than two seasons ago. The trees remain rooted in the ground.

“Instead, he remains: the most senior manager in the Premier League and the third longest in four divisions, only Jim Bentley in Morecambe and Gareth Ainsworth of Wycombe have survived Howe’s six years and 48 days in Bournemouth. But the elite will never come looking for talent as a coach in the lower leagues.

“However, they used to look there and in the ranks of the superiors in the top division looking for a manager to do an impressive job under unfavorable circumstances.” Ron Atkinson got the job at Manchester United because he came third, then fourth, with West Bromwich Albion “.

And Ron Atkinson got the job because Manchester United had just finished eighth. They did not have to search anywhere; They chose a club manager who had done much better than themselves.

Oh and “third, then fourth” is a little better than the 16th, the 9th and 12th, as did the impressive but absolutely non-discriminated Eddie Howe.

Dave Sexton, another United appointment, had missed the league title with the Queens Park Rangers, George Graham went to Arsenal having won the promotion with Millwall, Bruce Rioch succeeded him because creditable spells with Middlesbrough, Millwall, and Bolton counted for something Like the time of Howard Kendall in Blackburn Rovers, or the reconstruction of Howard Wilkinson of Sheffield Wednesday, or the success of Glenn Hoddle with Swindon. “

Mediawatch is not sure that citing Dave Sexton is an excellent idea when it comes to asking why Manchester United does not see clubs with excessive achievements for their managers. Oh, and someone might want to point out that it’s been just over five years since United appointed a British manager who had done “an impressive job under unfavorable circumstances”.

How did it work again?

“However, if Manchester United get tired of Jose Mourinho at the end of this season, and the fact of not being able to qualify for the Champions League has been enough for his two predecessors, would Howe get a second look?”
 So far he has not smelled him. Chelsea and Arsenal replaced their managers this summer and could not see them. “

Probably because he had just finished 12th in the Premier League, instead of first in Ligue Un or second in Serie A. It seems crazy, but perhaps Unai Emery and Maurizio Sarri have a little more experience in handling elite players.

“Chelsea has not appointed an English manager since Roman Abramovich took over – the same with Sheikh Mansour and Manchester City.” If the name of Howe is mentioned, it is related to the clubs in the middle of the table, like a springboard, to see if I could manage to be in a slightly more advantageous position for now. “

Manchester City has only appointed three managers since Sheikh Mansour took over, and all three have won the Premier League. We are not sure that it is such a wonderful example.

How strange that Samuel does not mention Liverpool and Tottenham, both of whom he named British managers in the last seven years, with the ex-Brendan Rodgers very rewarding, who was “doing an impressive job under unfavorable circumstances”, as they did previously with Roy Hodgson.

“Howe would be, in many ways, a perfect fit at Manchester United, he certainly improves the players, and plays good football, without fear, regardless of the opposition, Bournemouth did not beat Manchester City on Saturday, but they did as well as Manchester United recently, and in a fraction of the resources. “Pep Guardiola says in private that Howe is the English coach he most admires, particularly his commitment to play an attack style and how he exposes his team”.

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