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How many of the 17 laws of football are known?

How many of the 17 laws of football are known?

Many of us are eagerly watching football matches, being influenced by the victory of one team or another, watching anxiously in the final minutes of each match, eager to follow up on the injury to know exactly when it will end like a member of his family. A complete attachment to the game made it the most prominent sport and the most follow-up around the world, but how many times I saw a very private situation in a game and could not judge it and I was surprised? How many times have you told yourself how I, who are eagerly watching all the local and European matches, do not know the rules of the game enough to wait for the opinion of experts in analytical studios? Have you ever thought about the number of rules governing this game professionally?

If you do not ask yourself before, let me tell you that there are 17 laws in accordance with the latest version of FIFA 2017/2018. Some are self-evident for football fans, but not all of them are football-related. Each version follows the beginning of each season. Seventeen laws regulate everything related to the game. Pitch, match ball, players uniforms, referees, irregularities and how to implement them, duration of the game and others. Let’s test your information to see how many laws you know from the 17 football laws?

1. The pitch

The pitch must be rectangular from the green, whether natural or artificial. The pitch is defined by white lines, one of which is longitudinal and the other is accidental, and in the middle of the field is a radius of 10 yards. The opposing team members are not allowed to stand inside them during the start of the game by the other team. The lengths of these lines are organized as follows:

1. The maximum length of the longitudinal line is 120 meters and the length is 90 meters.
2. The maximum length of the cross-section is 90 meters and the length is 45 meters.
3. The goal is in the middle of the cross-line and is 8 yards wide.
4 – There is a box length of 6 yards perpendicular to the goal is the guard area, and on the same vertical stretch there is another box length of 18 yards, a penalty box.
5 – At each corner of the stadium there is a corner banner height of five feet.

2. The ball

The ball must be circular, made of leather or any equivalent material, subject to the approval of the International Football Association. The perimeter of the ball must be between 27:28 inches. Young players’ matches are excluded from this requirement and allowed to play a ball with smaller dimensions even if the competition is international.

3. Number of players

Of course, dear reader, each team has 11 players, including the goalkeeper. But did you know that the minimum number of players allowed to play is 7 players and if the number of either team is less than that number, the game is canceled?

Of course you know that the number of changes available to each team is three changes, can only be made at the intersection of midfield line with the longitude of the stadium. But did you know that in the youth leagues an open number of changes are permitted, provided that they are registered in the game card from the start and that the player who replaces the field is not re-entered.

4. Players uniforms

Each player must wear a shirt, shorts, and shoes that match the standards of the stadium, and cover the footstool and the “Shin guards” or popularly known as the “Shankar”. If a player is judged against any of these instructions or wearing any sharp accessories, he must remove the player from the field to handle the order.

5. Judgment

The referee is the first official on the pitch, his decision the law goes on all players. Objection to the judgment will give you an initial warning or expulsion if necessary.

6. Assistant referees

Who are authorized to assist the referee in making his decisions, in relation to the ball over the longitudinal line in the stadium and the violations nearby and infiltration of the players behind the lines of defense, but their decision is not mandatory and the government may not resort to them and their violation in their decisions if he sees it.

7. Duration of the game

The game is 90 minutes divided into two parts, each part is 45 minutes and at the end of each run-off time is determined by the referee of the main match. Additional time can be used in the matches of one winner in accordance with the regulations of each 30-minute tournament divided by two and at the end of each of the lost time also. The referee can increase stoppage time according to the matches.

8. Start and restart the game

Before the start of the game a coin is invoked, and the winning team determines whether to start with the ball or half a certain field to play the first half of the game. The captain of the losing team has no choice but to choose the captain of the other team. The start of the game starts from the middle of the pitch at the beginning of each run or when a goal is scored. The kick-off was played two days before FIFA amended its rules two seasons ago and allowed only one player to strike.

9. The ball inside the mother off the pitch?

In order for the ball to be out of range, one of the longitudinal or transverse pitch lines must be fully traversed. If you cross the longitudinal line, you become a contact pitch and if you cross the goal line you become a goal. If the ball hits the referee, one of the goalposts, the corner flag, the crossbar, or any other solid object on the pitch, the ball remains in the playing range.

10. Method of scoring

If the ball crosses the goal line in the confined space between the players and the crossbar, the goal is counted. The winning team is the most goal-oriented.

11. Infiltration

The player is considered to be an intruder if he is closer to the goal line “than the ball and the penultimate player of the opposing team” when the ball is out of the team’s feet as the goalkeeper is the last. This Act includes any part of the player’s body that can be scored by him. This law shall apply only in the middle of the opponent’s court.

12. Infractions and suspension of play

There are many irregularities, forms and penalties resulting within the green rectangle according to the following:

Free kicks
Calculates the

13. Free kicks

Free kicks are two types, direct and indirect. The direct is that can be directly corrected in the goal and score a goal if not touch any player before entering. It is the indirect mother who must touch a player at least before entering the goal in order to score a goal. When kicking, the referee must keep his hand up until the players notice that it is an indirect free kick and not both.

14. The penalty kick

The penalty is calculated when committing any of the previous fouls within the penalty area which is 18 yards long from the goal line. Offenses committed in the vicinity of the penalty area do not award penalties to the opponent but give him a free kick directly on the same line. The penalty is played from a point 11 meters from the goal line. The two players must stay out of the box completely until they touch the ball. The goalkeeper has the right to move horizontally on the goal line and can not move vertically. If any of the previous rules are violated, the penalty will be returned.

15. Seam pitch

A draw is awarded to the opponent when the ball touches any of your players before leaving the stadium in full rotation. The player must throw the ball with both hands and feet with full integrity fixed on the ground. If the player violates these instructions, the order will be rescheduled and awarded to the opponent. Goals may not be scored directly from the pitch without touching the ball by a player.

16. Kick the goal

A goal kick will be awarded when any of the opposing players take the ball in full rotation behind the crossbar of your team. The ball is played from the box which is 6 yards from the goal line.

17. Corner kick

The corner kick of the opposing team is calculated when one of the players of your team takes the ball out in full rotation behind the crossbar of your team. The kick is played from one of the corner areas and goals may be scored directly without touching the ball by any player on the field.

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