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Lung difference in modern ball

Lung difference in modern ball

“The Unknown Soldier” or “The Soldier.”
 This is the title of the player who occupies the most important center in the football field. He does not steal the lights, or little he does, but most of the time he stands behind the strikers, in front of the defenders, where he scores goals and backs defenders in front of opponents’ attacks. His position allows him to reveal most of his teammates’ moves, starting attacks and opening games in a way that suits their moves.
His defensive missions vary, sometimes taking the role of Libero.
Is the focus of the game, so the team that suffers in this center suffers in all tournaments. It is no coincidence that former Germany and Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann told Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger that he needed to hire a midfielder who would be able to connect the three lines if he wanted to compete for the title. And even the price of the player arrived at some teams to the equivalent of the price of some of the attackers.

Wenger is the only one to fill this gap. His weak point is the absence of a midfielder who is good at reading the stadium and performing the defensive roles effectively. He lacks the successor to Patrick Vieira, one of the most important former players in the world. Spaniard Mikel Arteta has not been able to make up for him, and the transfer market is heading for Bayer Leverkusen, Lars Binder, his Borussia Dortmund brother Zven Binder or teammate Elkay Gandogan.
The team may need to contract with more than one player. The conflict in this line has become stronger, and the need for numerical intensity has become a concern for coaches.

The player’s title changed from “The Unknown Soldier” to Team Lung or Engine Dynamo

The strongest teams in Europe are now able to rally players to the level of competition in this tournament. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Manchester City are the most important players in this line. Real signed a contract with German striker Tony Croce to join Croatia’s Luka Modric and other German Sami Khedira and Isier Jaramendi, as well as taking the role of Isco in some games.
 In Bayern, 
the decision of Josep Guardiola quickly to get his fellow Shabi Alonso, standing alongside Tiago Alcantara, Spain’s Javier Martinez and the best players currently Bastian Schweinsteiger, and added to them by Sebastian Rode.

They also include the Nigerian trio John Obi Mikel, Nemanja Matic and Ramirez, and the Spanish Cesc Fabregas to be more active and active on the line. At City, Ivory Coast’s Yaya Toure and Brazilian duo Fernando Fernandinho and striker Frank Lampard are enough to emphasize the strength of the Citizines.

The teams that are currently suffering in the tournaments are the teams that suffer in this line, such as Manchester United and Arsenal of course. In the first, which was passed by giants in this center, such as Irish Roy Keane and Paul Scholes and others.
So the Dutch coach Louis van Gaal, aware of the new plans, tried to contract Schweinsteiger, but Chavaini and coach Guardiola rejected the offer.
It is not strange to see that most of the teams are currently wrestling with the players of this center, which gives them the ability to control the rhythm of the game and speed of scrolling and provide stability and stability of the team within the stadium and build balance and proficiency in the circulation and distribution of balls.

With the intensity in the midfield, 
the player has become the most important player, to the point that the main reason for Germany’s World Cup crown was built on this basis, relying on this line, including excellent players, notably Schweinsteiger and Crois.
With the development of the ball, this age has become the age of the players. The name of the “Unknown Soldier” ended up becoming more public, and more important: the team lung, the dynamo engine. The teams are all set to gather their best in the coming seasons.

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