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Sandro Tunali: A journey on the path of the seat of the Caliphate

Sandro Tunali: A journey on the path of the seat of the Caliphate

If you are a fan of exploring the talents of young football, surely you have experienced the plight of exaggerations before, how many times have you heard that there is a talent young than eighteen to come to conquer the world.

By the end of the 1990s, hopes for the hundreds of talents associated with Maradona’s succession had been pinned on. A player with little skill helped him to dodge opponents, and he scored a few goals. Maradona was said to be the champion of talent denied by football.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the pace of the Caliphate escalated, especially with the spread of the electronic press, to hear again and again the successor of Pele, the extension of Maradona and the legitimate heir to Roberto Padgio. The story of a young talent One of the clubs promises a great future that no one will care about. When adding the new term Maradona or Pellet, the result will be different.

As the days progressed, we heard about a small child named Pietro Tomaselli who was said to be coming to conquer Europe and to receive the throne of the Italian capital Rome from Francesco Totti, although he was only eight years old.

A new successor in Brescia

In a spot at the Italian club of Brescia, Andrea Pirlo stood between the anger and stopped playing, and continued to play angrily, the young player did not take much time to think, to decide his decision to run and miss the ball and evade everyone on the field, whether wearing the opponent’s shirt or His team shirt!

“I think then I’m playing,” Pirlo said in his book, “I Think I’m Playing” later, to show the world his beginnings, the jealousy of his peers in the Brescia youth team, and their refusal to pass the ball despite his constant screams asking for it because of their talent.

In another corner of the stadium, his father tried to maintain the utmost restraint in order to ignore the side conversations with the parents of the young players, who ridiculed his son with great bitterness and hatred. The prestige of the little star was clear to all, which ensured the loss of any hope in his rival or competitor. On the pitch.

Years passed. Andrea dug his name in the annals of history. The records did not mention anything about those who refused to help him or ridiculed him. A new story began between the walls of the same team that witnessed the beginning of his prophecy.

The new story does not require much effort to be crowned with the new Pirlo. The young hero is not like the retired legend in the first-team team. It is similar in appearance and style to play, even changing the center on the green carpet.

The ink has collapsed

A few days ago, Italy coach Roberto Mancini announced the names for Portugal’s match in the UEFA European Championship and the friendly against the United States, with Sandro Tunali appearing on the list.

The player has been very strong with Brescia during the last Serie B tournaments, which has strengthened his position and increased his image to shine after a great performance at the European Youth Championship last summer, during which the Adzurri made the runner-up after losing to

Portugal in the final.

The player, who started his career with Piacenza before the club declared bankruptcy in 2012, headed for Brescia. Asala Anara of ink speaks of a great interest in his joining Juventus and Inter in Italy and a competition between Maurizio Sari and Pep Guardiola for his services. Visa in the Premiership.

Reports of seriousness may carry some exaggerations, especially since the player is not yet 18 years old, and the certificate of his acquaintance with the European ball was not written through a big bet.

In the footsteps of the maestro

The young player began his career at the advanced playmaker’s center, but his employment was changed to occupy the center of the Regista, in a repeat of what happened with Pirlo in his early beginnings. Tounali has a good physical appearance, the ability to push the ball and a great skill to draw, as well as the long engineering passes that Pirlo has established.

A great career that has been lacking in Italian football for the last few years, and has been absent since the retirement of the Maestro since the retirement of the Maestro, to enter a black era culminating in the failure to qualify for the World Cup under the leadership of Ventura, who in turn used to attack Lorenzo Insini in midfield while facing Sweden in the European annex in a shot Will not be erased from the fans memory.

Resist under the waterfall acclaim

History has taught us that any young talent is still taking its first steps on the field, if it receives reports and receives accolades, then likens the Caliph to the new flan, and usually ends up on the bench of a club struggling to survive.

The early media pressure usually results in the opposite of the symptoms on the player’s nervous system, and the concentration of his concentration in the space of dreams, and the seasons are going on and the years pass and he is still a silent did not leave the starting point yet.

No one in Italy deserves the talent of Tunali, especially Adzurri coach Roberto Mancini, who confirmed his enjoyment of working with the player in the breaker of the training, and to identify certain points and focus on them in order to develop the seed of his talent at this time, even if the player did not get his share of participation during my confrontation Portugal and the United States, but Mancini’s comments confirmed that he will be among the pillars of the team during the coming period within the project for the revival of young Adzouri.

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Euro Youth Championship, Serie A Serie B, and a call to the first team camp, alsoAnd his role as a pillar in building a new generation in a country that longs for talent, this will be determined by his future decisions, either continue To play with much anger, as Pirlo had previously decided, either to surrender to the tears of grief and to be satisfied with paper clips that spoke of the interest of the world’s top people.

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