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The memory of the setback of San Siro: Italy waiting for the end of the world

The memory of the setback of San Siro: Italy waiting for the end of the world

Venue: San Siro Stadium, Milan, Northern Italy.

Tens of thousands of fans gathered for 90 minutes to save their qualification for the 2018 World Cup. Disappointed by the disastrous results of the national team, the nightmare of the World Cup never happened before. For one to see before, the last failure of the fifties of the last century.

In front of the fans of San Siro, who did not stop for a moment, the Adzurri produced 27 shots, 6 of them on the Swedish net without a goal, while they controlled the game with an acquisition rate of 76% and passed 682 passes of 84%.

The captain of the Adzurri, Gian Luigi Buffon, raised his head and his hands to the sky, perhaps with a gift that would save his long history, but the gift did not arrive. The players wasted all possible chances to save their country’s prestige.

After the end of the match, Giambiero Ventura, the architect of failure and Godfather of failure, refused to announce the resignation to angry crowds of journalists, stressing that he will not make his decision before meeting the officials of the Football Association, and did not forget to express his sorrow and grief over the result, stressing that the team did what it could Luck is never his ally.

The next day, the Italian newspapers issued harsh headlines that failed to describe the shock of the masses and to express the extent of the disaster. Some of them said that failure to qualify for the World Cup was the end of the world. The Italian football fans, who dreamed of wandering the streets of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi, were holding a piece of pizza. And a bottle of juice, stressing that the cafes of Russia will miss the espresso industry in the morning.

In the context of the latest casting fans Adzouri in the Arab world lured their anger through the platforms of social networking, which caught images of the legends of Italian football accompanied by verses of poetry belonging to the school crying on the ruins and desolation of the home, and the availability of ugly capacitance Karbaliyat. Some went on to demand that Ventura be brought to Milan’s Dumo Square for his skin, stomping and punishing him for what he did on the one hand, and punishment for his feelings after failure, and not keeping the last drops of shame by resigning immediately with the whistle.

Then the Italian federation announced the dismissal of Ventura from his post to bring down the curtain on a black era in the history of Italian tactics exported to the world’s ugliest football face in the country. On Monday, 20 November, Italian Football Federation President Carlo Tavicchio announced his resignation and expressed his deep regret for the masses of Italian fans. “It is time for the Italian football to start a new era.

The Manchinian Experience

In mid-May, the Italian Football Federation announced the appointment of Roberto Mancini as Adzurri coach after he was the only responder to the UEFA negotiations. Chelsea coach António Conte did not want to return to the national team. Carlo Ancelotti preferred to play A new adventure with one of the clubs (Napoli later). Mancini’s coach Zenit St Petersburg was the most senior player of the year, Claudio Ranieri, and the ambitious young man Luigi Di Baidjo, who was in charge of the team during Argentina and England in March.

The Mancini era began with an ambitious plan to rejuvenate the Adzurri and bring the team back to its historic place in Europe, but it has not yet come into play. The Italian team played nine games under its leadership, which opened with a friendly win over Saudi Arabia at the end of last May. , And then a big fall in the first serious test against Duke of France three goals against a goal, followed by a 1-1 draw against the Netherlands, which was treating the wounds of the failure to qualify for the World Cup.

After that, the first official journey of the man in the European League began, a new tournament developed by the European Union to enhance the financial outcome, the Adzurian results varied up and down. The team struggled hard in the first match against Poland before falling to Portugal in the second round , And finally achieved a tough win against Poland with a goal in the second minute of stoppage time, and then presented the best team to Portugal, but failed to score despite the full control of the course of the meeting, during the official process a friendly match against Ukraine ended with a draw At the end of the game, the team scored a win from Poland, with a 1-0 win at the expense of the United States.

Mancini has so far won nine games, four wins, two victories against Saudi Arabia, two victories against Poland and the United States, a loss to Portugal and a fall to France, a result that has not yet met the aspirations of the masses eager to see the features of the return road promised by Roberto six months ago.

Infertility infertility

During Mancini’s Italian matches, the language of possession and scrolling dominated the Adzurian artistic text, but the problem of sterility came to its fore. What is the benefit of control in the absence of translating it into a tangible result?

A major dilemma worries the coach at a stage in which he tries to rebuild the team’s strength. Before any confrontation, Mancini may wonder: which players have the ability to translate control into goals? Is it Shiro ImobLilly is the top Italian scorer in the league who loses his memory when wearing the Adzurri shirt, or is the eccentric Mario Ballotelli who has lost more than half of his career in futile polemics, or is Torino striker Andrea Bellotti, who has bad times with Torino, even when his local wind blows Or the duo Leonardo Bafolletti and Kevin Laszania, who lack international experience and still have a lot of work to do? Answer: No one.

Long-term project

Some may think it is too early to evaluate the experience, especially since the man has received a generation of talent, and much work needs to be done for years, but at the same time the Dutch experience, which promises great results in the years to come, has emerged.

The team of mills after the failure to qualify for the World Cup, returned to rebuild itself under the leadership of Ronald Koman and has won four victories so far against Portugal and Peru friendly, Germany and France in the European Nations League, and it offers very good levels compared to what we see in the matches under the management of Mancini, That the team had managed to cross into the semi-finals of the League of Nations of the iron group included the last two champions of the World Cup.

The dilemma of Italian football may be more complicated, especially in the absence of a large school for young people and its role in the breeding of young talent emerging compared to what is happening in the Netherlands. Despite the brilliance of young players and the qualification of the under-17 youth, and then the youth team under the age of 19 years to the final in the European Youth Championships, but these talents are usually lost their way and do not have the appropriate care, and rarely see one of these elements has booked in place. The squad of one of the big clubs in the Italian league.

But if the setback of the 13th of November is not the end of the old world of Italian football, administrative confusion and the absence of planning for its races, and the announcement of a new beginning that will allow it to return to the competitive arena again, when will it be so?

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