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Tips for football experts of Shehata

Tips for football experts of Shehata

The Egyptians have been looking at all aspects in order to enhance the fortunes of the team “Pharaohs” to reach the World Cup at the expense of the Algerian team, which is very distressing, where it required the use of the opinions of experts in football and training stars to identify all the “scenarios” expected in the confrontation and identify points Strength and weakness of each team.

The majority of the opinion that the task of the “Pharaohs” will be very difficult and the arrival of Abu Trika colleagues to the goal of crossing into South Africa depending on the various analyzes need to find gaps within the defense of the rival, who considered the weak point in the Algerian squad, while the back line ” “Observers who watched the double qualifying stages with the solid rock on which coach Rabah Saadane built his various tactical plans proved that Bougherra and Belhadj managed to score their opponents, Zambia and Rwanda.

According to these experts,
the center of the Algerian team is weak and can not stand in front of the experience of the four Abu Trika, Zidane, Mohammed Shawki and Ahmed Hassan, while the Greens showed at this level a great cohesion, especially against Zambia back and forth and the Egyptian team in the first leg Where they occupied the midfield throughout the second half and enabled them to score three goals in full.
The Egyptian coaches went so far as to underestimate the Algerian attack, which Captain Taha Al-Basri tried to say when he said: “The green attackers lack coordination in building games and are unable to create opportunities. I advise Shehata to focus on the balls in depth by exploiting the individual incursions of Abu Trika Zidan, who I expect to be the key to winning the game. “

An analysis that is not based on any logic because Captain Taha Basri expects to use coach Saadane to defend and midfield to reduce the Egyptian attacks and forgot that the best defense in such cases is the attack to break the pressure, which confirmed by Saadane when he said I’m going to Egypt to win.
Captain Helmy Toulan, former Zamalek coach and border guard, said in his analysis of the upcoming confrontation, in contrast to Taha Al-Basri’s opinion: “I assure that the Algerian attackers will pose a great danger to our defense and they are capable of creating opportunities and exploiting those available to them. For the players who are characterized by speed and ability to penetrate and do cross-passes, which must be attentive to the good defenders of our national team. “

Have you played football in the street?

Football is the most popular and popular game, and different places of practice, if you play in the street, the things below are understandable to you:

1 The bar is non-existent, and the stones are used as a goalpost.
2 toys sometimes pulley is not packed with air well but they meet the purpose.
3 The time of the game is determined by the number of goals.
4 The final results are similar to handball results for many goals.
5 no red or yellow color cards, referee a player.
6 No infiltration.
7 The owner of the ball has the right to determine the course of the match and the end date.
8 old wounds due to skating on the unpaved ground.
Playing on curved ground is not surprising.
10 Keep away from playing in front of the man’s nervous house.
11 Many of the balls are lost due to wells near the stadium or falling over the roof of an abandoned house.
12 All play the role of the keeper in order, or the last one guard.
Searching for a ball takes longer than the playing time.
14 of the most important effects of the game rupture of the trousers from the knee.
15 Part of the game “Morocco goal”.

5 Tips to protect you from stadium injuries

Soccer players are often subject to frequent injuries due to lack of pre-emptive action.

Injury can be a major problem, and the natural person needs a long time to recover from some injuries, and may also end up exercising for his favorite sport in the future.

The most common and most common injuries to any football practitioner are injuries to the front and back muscles, ankle sprain, injury to the musculoskeletal muscle, Achilles tendon injuries, and knee injuries, whether in the cruciate ligament or torn ligaments.

The site «a-side» several simple ways to reduce the exposure to injuries to stadiums, including:

1 – Wear the appropriate shoe instead of shoes bad or inappropriate for the playground you play it, the natural gospel has special shoes, and the artificial girdle has other shoes.

2. Wear a shankar, and ankle protection, may not be uncomfortable, but reduce exposure.

3. Warm up before play. Warming the muscles and the body reduces the incidence. Some practitioners do not warm up before playing, exposing them to muscle injuries or knee injuries.

4 – Do some exercises that help the body’s flexibility and balance.

5 – If you are injured do not rush to return to the stadium, to avoid repeating the same injury.

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