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Tips for playing football::100 things you should know about the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Tips for playing football

100 things you should know about the 2018 World Cup in Russia

FIFA World Cup 2018, hosted by Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018. Russia won the honor of hosting the tournament after FIFA’s decision on December 2, 2010. Russia was able to overcome On 3 nominations and won a joint nomination between Spain and Portugal, a joint nomination also between the Netherlands and Belgium, and a single nomination for England. The first edition of the World Cup in Eastern Europe. There are always some things that we should be aware of and know about in the World Cup, so we will give you 100 information you need to know before the cup. We have presented you in the first and second article additional information.

The former FIFA president who investigates allegations of abuse of Russian doping players has been suspended in November 2016. The Russian team may play better than ever.
The world-famous Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho will be an expert on Russia’s RT television network.
A fourth substitute will be allowed in extra time. Where all this pressure is just fatigue for the players.
The opportunity to see Lionel Messi (30) and Cristiano Ronaldo (33), perhaps for the last time in the World Cup. Frankly, it will be a source of delight for most audiences.
It may be the last time we see players like Luis Suarez 31, Andreas Iniesta 33, Luca Modric 32, Thiago Silva 33, Dani Alves 34, Rafa Marquez 39, Vincent Kompany 31, Jakob Plaszkowski 32 ), Keisuke Honda (31), Falcao (32).
Sixty-four football matches in less than a month.
The VAR (Technical Assistance to Governors) will be used for the first time in the World Cup after IFAB (FIFA) agreed to use the technology on a permanent basis.

Not all technology is bad, as the medical team in the tournament will have access to technical help cameras to improve the safety of players.
Nigeria’s outfit may become the latest of modern jazz fans.

The black and white ball makers of the 1970s designed the ball for the 2018 Cup. There seems to be a slice in the ball that allows fans to interact with them by using their smartphones.
Another amazing command of the Iceland team, goalkeeper Thor Haldorson is also one of the country’s most famous filmmakers. He even made a music video to enter Iceland at the Eurovision (European Song Contest) of 2012. A truly gifted man.
Russia is the world’s largest country in terms of area and extends across 11 time zones. Only four areas will be suitable for the World Cup, though, four time zones !! Very amazing.
Germany’s Miroslav Klose has the record for most of the World Cup goals (16 goals in four tournaments). Another record Thomas Muller is keen to break.
All Denmark’s 27 World Cup goals were scored from inside the box. Maybe the payment will be from abroad this time!
Perhaps Morocco should do some thinking. Where none of their 12 World Cup goals were scored.
Reports of state-sponsored doping in Russian sport and huge question marks on racism, homophobia and abuse of human rights have made this tournament a political spectacle. It is clear that Vladimir Putin does not like football.
 It might have been better not to qualify for the United States.
In preparation for the tournament, the Russian government spent millions to eliminate the line of threat of stray animals by killing stray dogs in all Russian cities that will host the matches. The same was done before the 2014 Winter Olympics.
From black to pepper with mustache, amulets have been present in the World Cup since the 1966 tournament. After the armored animal amulet in Brazil, the Russian mascot will be a wolf called Zabivaka (scorer).

A million international fans are expected to visit Russia for the World Cup. With so many, Russia has canceled visa entry (as long as they have a valid identity card).
Warning for Germany: The last two defenders have been eliminated for the title in the group stage.
The Golden Ball Award (Best Player of the Tournament) is awarded to the attacker on all occasions except twice. The first time was the Uruguayan defender Jose Nasazi in 1930 and the second for goalkeeper Oliver Kahn in 2002.
Teams with amazing titles such as “Black Atlas” Morocco, “Taeguk Warriors” South Korea, and “The Socceroos” Australia.

In 2001, Australia beat American Samoa 31-0 to qualify for the 2002 tournament. The highest result in qualifying this year was Qatar’s 15-0 win against Bhutan. Goals are hard to score these days.
Germany and Sweden in the same group !. In 1958 they played against each other in the semifinals, with the Swedes winning 3-1. After that, Swedish car wheels were pulled out in Hamburg and a popular Swedish dish was removed from the German restaurant menus. Let us hope that things are more pleasant between them this time.
Germany will announce their team for the preliminary round on 15 May. There will be a more popular coach than Joachim Loew

What are the venues for the World Cup in Russia?


After the final 2018 World Cup Russia, it is time to take a look at the 12 venues that will host the 64 matches to be held in Russia.

Initially, the Russian offer would include 13 host cities and 16 playgrounds, with three stadiums being renovated and completed

In October 2014, the FIFA inspection committee visited Saint Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan City, and were very satisfied with the progress of those stadiums. On 8 October 2015, FIFA and the Local Organizing Committee approved the official names of the stadiums used. The Organizing Committee has divided the number of matches to be played as follows:

7 matches:

 Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and Stadio Christovski Stadium in St. Petersburg (the two largest stadiums in Russia). Where they will host each of the seven games distributed in the roles of the underdeveloped championship.
6 matches:
Visht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Kazan Arena in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium in Nizhny Novgorod and Samara Stadium in Samara. The stadium will host six matches, including one in the quarterfinals.
5 matches:
 Moscow’s Ot Cretei Arena and Rustov Arena Arena in Rostov-na-Dono. With each hosting 5 matches, including one in the 16 th.
4 matches:
Kaliningrad Stadium, Central Stadium in Nekaterinburg, Volgograd Arena, Mordovia Arena in Saransk. The stadium will host four matches in the group stage, and will not host any playoff matches due to their small capacity.

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