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Verratti and Utopians deceive Juergen Club

Verratti and Utopians deceive Juergen Club

This statement must have provoked Thomas Kugel, who is in charge of the continental team, especially as Liverpool’s defense has already managed to reduce the risk of a Paris attack in the first leg at Anfield Stadium last September. Here, at that moment, Rachel’s task was transformed into another version of his offensive line, a version that surprised the club and defended Liverpool because it was not available on YouTube.

A hidden There is not much to be said about the formation of Liverpool. The club began the match with a tactical 4/3 3 shot, pushing the attacking trio and three midfielders that he prefers, but he made one adjustment sometimes when confronted by a quick and dodgy attacking player. The change was made by Joe Gomez at the right back At the expense of «Alexander Arnold» with the entry «Diane Lovrin» to the axis of defense. The goal was to complicate the task on Neymar, which did not happen.
Verati and Henderson: Contrast and Contrast.

Last season, a question that bothered any manager facing Liverpool was how he could disrupt the club’s pressure system. The Reds have a great ability to draw the ball during the preparation of the offensive opponent, and then turn it into a sudden reverse attack threatening his goal. But the situation changed this season and decreased performance and effectiveness of the system.

Yesterday’s match was a clear sign of the decline. With the first half of the game, Marco Veratti managed to help Markinios break the first and most important Raid pressure lines with his ability to control the ball, and then take off to the center of the guests’ stadium before distribution to his teammates. This gave Numal a numerical advantage and often gave Neymar his efforts for the last third of the pitch.

The first-half numbers say that Liverpool only managed to draw an orphan ball in the middle of the Paris stadium. This extraction was far from the danger zone, not by one of the trio but by Jordan Jordan midfielder Gordon Henderson. The English team also tried to block the Parisians four times, failed in three of them, and succeeded one near the center of the stadium. These figures reveal how Marco Veratti managed to exploit Liverpool’s pressure system, especially when the picture was completed by his successful dribbles on the borders of Buffon’s penalty spot, as well as his map of passes with his Brazilian colleague. The map, which reveals the spread of the width of the stadium as if they were the Paris link connecting the lines to some.

On the other hand, there are many details about the tactical drawing of the French team, where Tochel played in a 3/5/2 way, relying on a defensive trio to block the Raiders attack, and costing his best defender, Presnell Kimbembe, to devote himself to monitoring the best of Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah. Thiago Silva »the trouble of arresting the« Sadio Mani », and« Marcinius »play next to the tasks of pressure on« Fermino »and help his colleague« Verati »in building the attack and the proper exit from the ball areas of Paris. On Verati, the rest of the midfielders participated.

In the final third, Thomas surprised us with a change in the center of Mbabi from the side to the heart of the attack, to play alongside Neymar, who makes for Paris opportunities from the left side, Cavani and forced him out of the area to distract the opponent. This amendment was a bomb that would fall on top of Club after minutes of the first game.
In Liverpool, the situation is not the same. This is because Club insists on pushing Henderson as a holding midfield instead of his original box-to-box, at the expense of Fabinio, who has not yet adapted to the team.

And Henderson is a different player from Verati. It can be said that what distinguishes the Italian is what is wrong with the English, as the Black captain does not have the ability to reveal the stadium and the skill to get out of the ball under pressure as Marco has. For the first 45 minutes, the visitors were unable to build attacks from the depth of the pitch and sent longitudinal balls to the sides. These longitudinal balls were not a harsh test for Paris defenders, especially with the success of their second-round balls.

All of this led to the isolation of the three-attack Liverpool, as the outcome of what the English team in between the goal is the penalty scored by James Milner. I do not say that Henderson is the cause of the world’s problems, just say that his employment was not the best choice.

Triple attack and not an offensive triangle
Always when we hear the word “triple attack” comes to mind the shape of the triangle, in the sense of two parties to the side of an attacker stationed inside the box. This may be due to the wide spread of the 4/3/3 plan in the football world. In Barcelona there was a trio of MSN, and in the Merenji found the BBC, and last season we saw the trio of Parisian attack with Cavani as striker and duo: Mbabi, and Neymar as wings.

But last night, Tuckel made an adjustment that stated that the offensive trio does not necessarily mean triangulation, but may take many other forms to achieve higher technical benefit. So let us understand what Thomas’s modifications are, and what is their purpose?

Tukheel pushed Mbabi from the right side to overturn the attack and asked Cavani to get out of the penalty area and turn on the sides while giving Neymar freedom of movement from the left end of the depth of the pitch.

 All in all, he is a surprise club, and in detail is that he did not want to be the most effective player in front of the goal: Mbabee to face a tough match as a wing with the duo: Van Dick and Robertson, this first. Second, the former coach of Dortmund wanted Mbabi close to Neymar when he broke through the space between Lofrin and Gomez, or what is known in the world of tactics channels channels, because it would give the team more options than the number of Liverpool defenders in the penalty area, especially with the infiltration Cavani and Di Maria Khalaf The Dick.

It was an adventure from Tochel, but the adventure managed to score two goals from almost the same game, thanks to the harmony of his Brazilian players

But what about Cavani?
 The numbers confirm that the amendment has had a negative impact on the effectiveness of the Uruguayan striker. Imagine that he only touched the ball 13 times, including 4 times in the center of his home and once at the start of the game. This leads us to wonder: will this change in jobs between Mbabi and Kafani continue? Or is it only fresh during the Liverpool encounter? Round of 16 matches will answer.

About Alison and Vermino and the personality that breaks down
Frankly, I do not know what happened to the Liverpool players after the game. But if I were one of them, I would immediately thank Alison Baker who saved the team from a heavy defeat after saving 6 goals. At least two of them would have been in the net without the intervention of Brazil’s first goalkeeper.

I’ll end up shaking hands with Becker, to confront his colleague Fermino directly to ask him: What’s going on? It is impossible that the ghost we saw on the pitch without impact and got the least digital assessment of the two teams is the same player who was the thinking brain of Liverpool’s attacking line last season.

I do not understand why the team is falling apart easily, I do not understand why I realized late in the last quarter hour that he had to modify the plan for 4/2/3/1 Not in the first quarter of an hour, and I do not understand, of course, why I bought Fabiniu and Keita if those were still not suitable for his game style four months after the start of the season. I understand that he has made one of his worst matches, and that the team in its current form will not be a hero in any case, and that of course YouTube is not enough..

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