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What is the point of football managers? Most are scarecrows

There is a funny movie by Lars Von Trier called “The boss of everything” about the owner of a company that invents a fictitious boss in which he can make all the unpopular decisions. A false figure, there to absorb all the frustrations of the organization and take the blame for their performance problems.

Mark Hughes, the head of all this at Southampton FC, got the bag this week. It was only for so long that he could be caught up in the struggles of a club outside the Premier League Big Six (or Five).

The ‘Klopp of the Alps’ Ralph Hasenhüttl takes the reins, the dark and perfect replacement of Von Trier-esque to put it in the neck when the Saints rise and then inevitably fall in the area of ??the lower half of the Premier League.

Hughes, like most managers, is mostly scarecrow, seems to be doing a job, but largely ineffective and with the longevity of a mannequin covered in Trill, was in a field of voracious pigeons. A pantomime character from a bygone era, largely to mend with the crowd.

A study by Sky Sports last year found that the average stay for an outgoing manager was at a historic low of only 423 days. In an industry with very little commitment to supporters, getting an administrator fired is the only thing that fans can do properly and they do it with pleasure. The boards of the club remain the same, but the boss of everything takes the boot.

The group of talents for managers who can produce consistently has been gradually decreasing, mainly because the role is considered a retirement benefit for former players. The same tired old ideas are repeated with the illusion of the modernity of the tactics board.

The power of the player is stronger now than ever and there is still no response to the potential for staff to play with tools when they have had enough of a manager. There is no suggestion that has happened to Hughes, but in what other job does your livelihood rest so precariously on the hands of 11 people? Hard guys laugh at.

What then is the point of the football coach? 
The game would continue if the current brigade of former soccer players was destroyed from their position and the role of “Señor” was eliminated.

Instead, you would have a modern team of coaches who will make the decisions of the contact line, using the latest technology in the game. The flat view of the touchline manager with the support position of the head rugby coach who offers a more complete view of the game is over.

Alternatively, the old-fashioned “player-manager” 
could return to the forefront, since high-level players make decisions in the game depending on the party that develops around them. The players are bulletproof when it comes to being fired so the songs to fire the manager would be replaced by little more than the closed fists of the fans.

Instead of the director of the short touchline and with boot who will not accept his best days, he will be behind him or the manager with a jumper and tie combo that does not fit, with the veins coming out of his head, he would not have .. . nothing.

The presidents, of course, would miss the characters who criticize them.
 Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov of Arsenal certainly would have done more if the man of the Arsene Wenger company had not absorbed the pressures of an organization in the deep folds of his sleeping bag.

But the days of the football manager seem to be numbered, the speed dial of Hughes, Pardew and Allardyce about to be disconnected forever. Make a flower arrangement in the technical area or something like that.

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