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Your guide to understanding what is happening in a conflict

Your guide to understanding what is happening in a conflict

Welcome to Argentina. The time now is 04:00 PM Buenos Aires. Pablo, Riccardo, and Thiago are preparing to play their roles a few hours before the event that the entire Latin continent is waiting for. The trio knew how important the event was, but no one imagined that they would be his heroes, and tens of thousands would follow their stories around the world.

Pablo is Pablo Perez, captain of the famous Boca Juniors team. Ricardo is a journalist who works in Argentina’s most famous newspapers: Clarin. Finally, Thiago, a policeman serving in riot police. Three very different people. Tonight’s only match is their destination, the Monumental Stadium, where the historic final return match between the two arch-enemies: River Plate and Boca Juniors will take place.

On the way to the stadium, tension dominated the atmosphere inside the Boca bus. Pablo can hear the heartbeat of his colleagues. He was aware of the difficulty after the first leg of the draw at Pomponera, but he has not lost hope. In fact, he does not have the luxury to lose hope, because losing the title of importance of Libertadores to the eternal opponent is shame, and all shame.

Thiago was stationed in the ranks of the troops that would secure the route to the Boca bus. Standing behind him are crowds of River fans waiting for the bus in a reserved and hostile manner. The task of Thiago is to block those predatory monsters from being slaughtered by their opponents.

A few meters away, Ricardo managed to reach the front of the rows with the camera. He knew that violence was not an unlikely option tonight, took his precautions and wore a helmet and bulletproof. The bus gets closer, and the crowd is getting louder and louder. At the moment of their passing, Ricardo is surprised by the crowd, clashing with Tiago, and then breaking through the security barrier towards the guest bus. Ricardo shudders before he notices a rock flying over his head and hits the glass of the bus to break it, and then he appears behind the glass Pablo, aching as he holds his forehead.

Ricardo runs through the chaos that struck the place. He contacts his office in the newspaper. One of them replies, “Ricardo!” The bus has been attacked, I will send you pictures immediately. Title? The war has begun .Welcome to Argentina »

What I have just read is not a Hollywood scene from an American film, but the reality that Argentina experienced yesterday against the backdrop of the Copa Libertadores. If you read that name for the first time, let me tell you that it is the most important continental championship in South America And the African Champions League. But the Libertadores final is different this time, but it is no exaggeration to call it the historic final that will be remembered for generations to come from the Argentines. This is because it brings together the enemy brothers Boca Juniors and River Plate.

Imagine the Champions League final between Barcelona and Real Madrid, or Manchester United and Liverpool. And then try to imagine how Cairo would be if the final of the CAF this year between Ahli and Zamalek, or Rabat if it competes Wydad and hope for the leadership of the continent. But let me assure you that none of these finals will have the same hostile atmosphere and unbridled desire to smash the opponent on and off the pitch as the final of the Libertadores this year!

How did the war begin?

I was driving into a war zone and not a football match.

Driver’s license bus team Boca Juniors

The first leg match at Boca Stadium ended with a draw. The return was scheduled to take place yesterday at the River Stadium, which was filled with 70,000 of its constituents three hours before it was due. But outside the stadium, the battle, which everyone feared would occur despite all the preparations made by the police over the past few days.

The Goal website says that as soon as the Bucca bus approached the Monumental stadium, a number of River fans targeted it by throwing bricks and bottles and directing the date. Which led to breaking the windows of the bus, and injury to players Boca Juniors: Paulo Perez and Leonardo Balderi injured the top of the eye. As the crowds came out of control, the police resorted to the use of tear gas, which leaked into the bus and injured a number of other players dizzy and coughing.

The gas did not hurt the players only. The Guardian reports that the driver of the bus has been subjected to fainting, and the bus nearly crashed into a building or trampled the crowd in a mess, without an administrator steering the bus into a safe area.
It did not end there. While Paulo and Leonardo moved to the hospital for treatment, and videos of the state of fatigue experienced by the players of Boca, clashes erupted between the public and the police outside the stadium and slowly moving inside, until a clip of the President of the club Riverblad “Rodolfo Donforio” in the Montomental interrupting the media and running after panic after Hearing a loud bang.

The dream match turned into a nightmare. Everyone waited for the UEFA to cancel the match. But the surprise was the announcement of the postponement more than once. It was reported that FIFA President Gianni Infantino was keen to hold the match tonight, and that was conveyed to the United States and Argentina, which announced the readiness of all players healthy and physical to the meeting.

The doubts about the official position of the American Confederation began, especially after the president of Boca threatened sanctions if he insisted on not going to the meeting until the striker Boca Carlos Tevez confirmed to the press that they are under pressure from the Union to run the meeting and pointed out that his colleagues suffer from panic and distress Breathing as a result of everything that happened, and confirmed that neither they nor the River players want to play that match.

The news spread like wildfire, and began to finger pointing towards the American Union, which found only to announce the postponement of the game 24 hours to be held in the eveningSunday 25 November. Before Sunday sun set, the game was postponed indefinitely. Does Al Haj have the nationality of Argentina?
Sunday 25 November. Before Sunday sun set, the game was postponed indefinitely. Does Al Haj have the nationality of Argentina?

Chicken, pigs and lies

In Argentina you can not be neutral. Either be with Boca, or with River.
Statement by journalist Juan Sastorian

It must be news from a sample that 88 judges apologized for running the meeting, the journalist who was killed because he proposed to cancel the match and the mafia that threatened the Argentinean federation, has passed you while you were on Twitter. This news is really exciting, but it lacks only one thing, which is not true. Are just myths and lies circulating about the hottest derby around the world.

In 2016, the FourFourTwo magazine classified the Argentine superclassico as the biggest and most dangerous Derby on the planet. The English magazine was based on a long history of bickering between the teams inside and outside the stadium, a hassle that began with a number of red cardio, and did not stop with the burning of the houses of the fans of the opponent. In order to understand the actual cause of that enmity, we must return to the moment when the two clubs were founded more than a hundred years ago.

In 1901,
Riverblit was founded as a result of the merger of two clubs. Riverbelt was founded in La Boca, a seaside resort. Most of its members were middle and upper class. In 1908 the club advanced to the top flight of Argentina. As the years passed, the administration discovered that La Boca was not the place to express them, so they relocated the club to Nunez and settled there.

This led to the departure of the Boca Juniors Club of Light in 1905. Most of its members belonged to the working class, especially in the port of Boca, and even one of the workers there chose the colors of the blue and yellow team after he was impressed by the flag of Sweden, which was carrying a ship. Boca climbed to the top flight in 1913, beginning with the startling confrontation.

This class difference between the founders of the two clubs was reflected on everything from the style of club management to the style of play. The founders of Boca are workers who do not have the luxury of making big deals. They depend on the people of their city alone, and play hard and hard as if they are fighting against the marginalization they suffer from abroad.

In River, there are owners and investors, who make deals and attract talent at no cost. They signed the striker Bernabé Ferreira in 1932 to be the most expensive deal in the world at the time, before winning many titles. They also do not have great problems off the pitch, so they prefer to play the more aesthetically pleasing ball than those that are strong and enthusiastic.

The hostility that has accumulated over the decades is reflected in the titles each audience gives to its adversary. Boca fans have named River, a sign of cowardice and frailty. The title was famous for the loss of the Libertadores Cup in 1966. Tevez may receive a red card after scoring a goal at the River and celebrating the chicken dance.

The River crowd did not stand idly by and the other camp called the pig, in reference to the slope, and during the 2012 derby, they raised a giant balloon in the form of a pig dressed in the colors of Boca Juniors.

Under such circumstances, the authorities found that the presence of the two publics in one stadium would someday lead to a disaster. I decided in 2013 to prevent every audience from entering the stadium of the other so you will not find in the Pomponera an effect of the colors of white and red, as well as in the monumental is prohibited the presence of yellow and blue.

Beautiful face and ugly

Football is a competitive game, there is always a party that seeks to defeat the other. The audience is biased against one another for a variety of reasons. This is not so much a bias as to be in the stands to encourage the team and pressure the opponent to distract him. The Super Clasico is stronger than that expression.

Boca also gave Maradona, Riquelme, Batistuta, Tevez, and River wore the shirt Emar, Ortega, Crespo, and Mascherano. All of these stars represented the Tango team and made great experiences in Europe. Add to that the tourist and economic dimension added by the derby, there are hundreds of trips that Argentina annually to watch the Boca and River.

But the derby has a different face than that of a beautiful face. It often turns out to belong to an unjustified desire for the other adversary’s damage, and violence that can kill people unnecessarily increases.
What would one of them have lost if one of his players had lost his eyes?

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